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L I F E  H A C K

Cover your webcam...

White hat hacker Charlie (Derek Wilson, "Future Man,""Preacher") finds out that his best friend Bobby (Dylan Pinter) was caught pleasuring himself on video and is now being blackmailed by the infamously unidentifiable Moraler - a glorified cyber bully who many believe is the mastermind behind recent anti-establishment hacks. After struggling actress Carolyn (Jessica Copeland) gets hacked, Charlie and Jack (Mike Giese) decide to embark on a tense and amusing search for the twistedly righteous Moraler before he releases Bobby’s graphic masturbation video to social media. The suspense and wit keep you captivated and laughing with cameos from Sean Kleier ("Odd Mom Out") and Devin Ratray ("Nebraska," "Blue Ruin"). "Life Hack" is an incredibly relevant comedic cautionary tale about our digital privacy…or complete lack thereof.

"LIFE HACK is the rom-com for the new millennium where privacy and secrets are not so easily kept. Michael Giese as Jack and Derek Wilson as Charlie bring the laughs. But every step they take in tracking down the hackers’ work is a warning about how susceptible our personal security really is. Funny and charming while also alarming, LIFE HACK is the perfect date movie for the digital age. Cover your webcam." —T.W.

"Life Hack is frightening and hilarious by turns. You don't want to think about how far your personal information has traveled or what some miscreant is doing with it right now - Life Hack names the elephant in the room, throws a saddle on it, and rides off into the sunset. This is topical comedy at its best." - FOLLOW MAGAZINE

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