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C a s t  a n d  C r e w

Director  Sloan Copeland

Sloan Copeland is an award winning film director born and raised in New York City. He founded Self Conscious Entertainment in 2001 and has grown the production group into a highly creative and respected company within the industry. His previous film, Wet Behind the Ears, won 17 awards and is distributed globally. Sloan's much anticipated new feature Life Hack has quickly become a festival darling and was selected as one of the "Top 10 Independent Movies of the Year" by SilverScreen Analysis.

Derek Wilson, Jessica Copeland, Mike Giese, Dylan Pinter, Doug Roland, Sean Kleier, Devin Ratray, Rebecca Boughton, Christine Cartell, Audrey Jessup, Margaret Keane Williams, Andrew Ash, Angela Jeanneau, James St. Vincent, Zachary Seekins, Jonathan Roumie
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